#235 Beachside Colony Resort

2 Bedroom(s) | 2 Bathroom(s) | Sleeps 6

Sleeps 6
2 Bedrooms

The view from this two-bedroom, two-bath condo will ensure that no time spent on your private balcony will ever be boring! From one spot, you can easily survey the manicured green courtyard, the vivacious pool deck, and the magnificent ocean waves beyond. The master bedroom's king-sized bed will rock you to sleep in its cozy depths after a soothing soak in the en suite master bathroom's enormous walk-in shower. Equally sumptuous is the queen-sized bed that dominates the second bedroom, mere steps away from another full bath. The well-stocked kitchen, with its shining tile and pristine appliances is perfect for a hearty breakfast before your day in the sun. When night falls, enjoy time with family and friends in the modern living room. The luxuriant couch is perfect for enjoying a movie on the TV, or for simply letting the sea air lull you to sleep.

Beachside Colony is located on the beach, right in the middle of Tybee Island, a spot that puts it one mile from the pier, the hub of the island’s nightlife, and one mile from the Tybee Light Station, one of only 7 colonial-era lighthouses still in use in America. The resort boasts 3 pools, the largest of which is heated throughout the autumn and winter, and Marlin Monroe’s, an on-site restaurant and bar acclaimed for its oyster roasts and live entertainment.


Guest Reviews of #235 beachside colony resort

Tybee Island , GA

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Nice and relaxing..

Review by
We were happy with our room. It had a nice view and was well located.
5 out of 5 stars

Not a happy customer

Review by
We were 'down graded' from the original room assigned upon making reservations. When I asked about this the owner, Sandy, became defensive and argumentative. Her behavior was very unprofessional and the room we were given was out dated with several issues. Cigarette hole in a cushion, hole in a bar stool, something that looked like black mold growing on shower door and sliding glass door. No batteries in one of the remotes, TVs outdated and picture would freeze and emit a loud static. Towel rack fell off in bathroom knocking toiletries in floor. We do not feel we got what we paid for. Pictures and review will be posted on Facebook.
2 out of 5 stars

Very spacious

Review by
Unit was very spacious, bigger than I expected. It was clean. The view was exactly as shown in pics, very nice! Parking was also not a problem which is rare with beach rentals. My only disappointment was the sofa that was very old and broken down. The sleeper in it is so old it’s not useable. More cable channels would’ve been a big plus too. Overall good stay.
3 out of 5 stars

Great Location and Support.

Review by Sandra K.
First time using the rental. Very happy with the site, location and the people were great. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Tybee Island.
5 out of 5 stars

Low season stay

Review by Tom P.
Controller for the TV in the living area only changed the channels on the cable box. It did not control: the on/off function or the volume of the TV. On top of that the TV is at least 6-8 years old so the picture available wasn't that great in the first place.The dish washer in the kitchen was not securely fastened so when you opened the door the entire dishwasher tipped out.The password on the side of the router did not allow access to the internet, so another “feature” of the rental was unavailable.There were lights out in the master bath, one over the shower and another in the main fixture, you could see but still a sign of poor maintenance. One of the towel bars in the master bath came off the wall when we removed a towel. There was a screw loose on the end piece of the bar. We managed to slip it back on but the next person to pull off a towel will end up with the same problem.The cable box for the TV in the master bedroom did not work. It would come on then immediately shut down so the television was useless in that room. Also another 6-8 year old TV.Now I didn't go the this location to watch television or play on the internet so those weren't major problems. But when you pay $250 a night for a room you expect everything to work. Not the case here.Other than these problems the place was nice. In the spring/summer I suspect this is a great place to go. The restaurant was closed so I couldn't take advantage of this on-site feature as well.Would I come back again? Not likely. I know this is the low season for rentals but I would hate to think what the maintenance is during the high rental season when there isn't much time between rentals to fix problems.I pointed all these out to the on-site manager when I left so hopefully these problems will get fixed for the next rental.
2 out of 5 stars


Review by Michael H.
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5 out of 5 stars

Great time at Tybee

Review by
The condo was very nicely decorated and clean. They could use more dishes and silverware. We got there late and could not get into the room because the key cards did not work. After a few phone calls someone brought us hard keys. We have stayed at Beachside for years. We have always enjoyed our time there. We will be back.
4 out of 5 stars
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